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Our mission at Skyfire Consulting is see a well-trained a legal Drone Program in every public agency in the country. That's why we're constantly coming up with new ways to help public agencies determine the type of drone program that's best for them. On this page you'll find a ton of excellent resources for helping you decide what fire or law enforcement drone program you'd like to start.

Get to know the DJI Matrice 210

Get to know: the matrice 210 (Infographic)

After what seems like years of waiting, the Matrice 210 is almost ready to ship. With a dual gimbal, increased flight time, and weather-resistant battery casing the M-210 is slated to become the go-to drone for public safety. So, to get ready for this game-changing drone, here's quick primer on what makes it so awesome.

The Skyfire Method for Public Safety Drone Programs


We believe that drones, in the hands of a well-trained operator, are one of the most important life- and cost-saving tools available to public safety agencies, and so we're dedicated to delivering the best training techniques, and most up-to-date information to our clients. 

Best Drone for the Job Icon.png

Best Drone for the Job (Infographic)

With so many incredible sUAS available, it's hard to know which drone is best for you. Here's a breakdown of DJI's family of drones.

Best of the rest Icon.png

Best of the Rest (infographic)

While DJI may represent over 60% of the public safety UAV market, they aren't the only manufacturer with dynamic public safety drones.

Shutter Bugs Icon.png

shutter bugs (infographic)

The primary benefit of any UAV is its ability to carry a powerful camera, but with so many choices it can be hard to choose.

21 ways to use a drone

21 Ways Your Department Could Have Used A Drone This Year (Infographic)

21 Ways Your Department Could Have Used A Drone This Year (checklist)